Paper Drums Toxicity

first green screen cover song with paper drums. We are by no means professionals here so be nice lol

Talking to Siri – FaceKickFlix Original

I always get really aggravated when Siri doesn’t listen to me. She doesn’t seem to be the smartest by far and sometimes I really hate her. Here are some examples of what Siri can do and what Siri is completely bad at.

Tool Shop Cut-Off Saw – Shitty Menards brand.

This saw was super cheap at about $150 and it sure showed. I had to make this video to show why not to ever buy this garbage. I’ve had other Tool Shop Brand stuff and they all end the same with a burned out motor. Don’t buy this junk! Just look at all the smoke rollin’ off this saw! Save your money and buy something better like a De-Walt or Milwauke or anything besides it for that matter! Sorry bout the blurred out stuff, had to do that for privacy reasons.

Bottle Rocket Pan Explosion

This is how powerful a small black cat bottle rocket is! We were even putting huge chunks of firewood on the pan and it would blow up about 6 inches!