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This tutorial will show you how to easily change the max upload filesize value for the wordpress media manager for shared hosting accounts using channel godaddy. This may also work for other accounts not hosted through godaddy if using a Linux cPanel

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Janky Shack --> Exactly what I needed, thanks so much! Still works in 2018
Heather Bozarth --> THANK YOU!!!!
Peter Parker --> Well done, worked exactly as illustrated, thanks!
Buzzcuts --> Am i the only one who is still limited to 8MB no matter what upload limit I set via this method?
Abdullatif abdulla --> Thank you very much, you helped a lot.
Joshua Hauhio --> Godsend. Thank You. I too was stuck messing with .ini files and .php files. Very easy.
Confuse Prince --> thnks after spending so much time you solved my problem in 40 sec
Lava Dragons Gaming --> Please receive a well deserved like, my friend.
Joel Hillyard --> Saved me pulling out my hair. Liked and subbed!
Tom Chant --> You are a god
Joe Elliott --> Thank you for the helpful and to-the-point video
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Alessandro Berizzi --> brilliant thanks bra
Wire Whale --> This was super helpful. Thank you! 🙂
Sam Flaherty --> You, sir, are the hero we need but don't deserve.